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Pension Legislation Changes – Malta

Pension Legislation Changes – Malta Malta remains as one of the world´s leading jurisdiction for pension business and the jurisdiction, its policy makers and industry, are determined to maintain that position by offering well regulated, compliant and prudent pension products. There have, however, been a number of legislative changes to Maltese pensions since the start […]

Your Quarterly Financial Update

General News Over the last 3 months, we have seen the strong performance of equities continue from the start of the calendar year. The first quarter of 2019 was a great period for investors, with all major indices posting significant gains. The US market, rebounding off December lows, experienced their best start to a year […]

General Quarterly News from JC Expat services financial colleagues

Newsletter January 2019-01-31 General News from JC Expat services financial colleagues Well, where do we begin? It has certainly been an interesting quarter, with endless developments on Brexit (“the gift that keeps on giving”), the ongoing tariff disagreements between the US and China, and the increasing problems Italy and their economy are experiencing. Brexit, without […]

Are you Modelo 720 Ready?

The Modelo 720 is an informative declaration made to the Spanish authorities advising them of any asset an individual holds outside of Spain, with a value of 50.000€ or more. This declaration has to be made before the 31st March and is in relation to the value of the assets as of the 31st December […]

Are you Modelo 720 ready?

31st March is the deadline by which residents in Spain need to submit their annual Form 720 (‘Modelo 720’) listing their overseas assets, where applicable. If you have previously submitted a form, you only need to declare assets if they have grown a certain amount or you have sold or closed them. Besides confirming what […]

Getting health insurance in Spain: A complete guide Healthcare isn’t usually straightforward and when you add insurance into the mix, it gets even more complicated. When you’re headed to a new country, there are going to be new rules, new regulations and new forms to fill out before you can receive treatment. If you’re headed […]

Residency certificate: ‘Permanent’ question answered

BRITISH expats aiming to be ‘Brexit Ready’ ahead of March next year are increasingly asking about their status as ‘permanent’ residents. The current road show being staged by the British consulate team aims to answer personal questions over the UK leaving the European Union, a move scheduled for March 29, 2019, – although an agreed […]