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Sound Advice – Fairytales

  Politically Correct Fairy Stories. With Brexit in chaos, and nobody agreeing on anything, Russia becoming very scary and President Trumps visit to the UK looming, you would think the British had more to worry about than politically correct fairy stories. Cinderella was a poor, over worked woman and therefore not to be celebrated in […]

Unique House Policies

  What interesting times we live in and I could add, quite scary times. I shudder when I think that the free world’s peace is controlled by a very volatile and frightening man. Is it acceptable to threaten another country’s leader via Twitter? What about the old fashioned way of diplomatic channels and ambassadors, in […]

Is it wise to keep your pension in the UK?

Pension planning has always been an important part of financial planning and never more so than now. The pension industry’s legislation is forever changing and everyone should review their options. On top of this, we find ourselves in a transitional period where the UK are in negotiations with the EU, hoping to obtain the best […]

Could it get any worse?

Could it get any worse? Every time a politician opens his mouth to speak, it is a different story. All I know is that it is becoming a bit of a dangerous farce. There are so many issues and differences to be discussed and many agreements to be made. One example is Northern Ireland, I […]

Where to start?

Where to start? So much to say. Maybe just start by mentioning Brexit as it is so important to all our lives. I am so concerned that when a report is produced by professionals, pointing out the downside, it seems to carry no importance with the press and no time taken for any discussions. There […]

Packages tailor-made for expats

Here at Jennifer Cunningham insurance we work closely with two legal companies, one in the south and one in the north with many years of experience working in Spain. They have tailor made packages specifically designed for expats needs, with Brexit on the horizon the consulate is advising that you seek residencia, signing onto the […]