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Currency Exchange

THE COST savings of using a specialist currency company are attractive but I have been put off as I understand there could be extra work involved. I also have concerns regarding the safety of my money – am I being over cautious? Specialist currency providers are becoming popular choices for British ex-pats living in Spain […]

Please do not Compare Insurance with the UK

Recently I listened to a programme on the compensation culture in the UK.  Once again, I am appalled by what is happening and I understand the Spanish, especially in areas like Benidorm, are becoming increasingly angry and hostile regarding claims being made by British tourists on their return home claiming they have suffered badly from […]

Bespoke Life Insurance

I, like many living in Spain, are looking forward to the Ex Pat situation being settled in both countries and when hopefully we will be able to sigh with relief and get on with our lives.  Many of us think there is a great possibility that a greater proportion of people will want to leave […]

My Els Poblets Office

I was fascinated this morning by what I saw on television.  The government are very concerned about the runaway costs regarding the National Health in the UK.  The expectations of this wonderful service are far too high for the amount of taxes that are paid by everybody.  The government are in discussion regarding the situation […]