Jennifer Cunningham Advice on Covid

Living in COVID Times

All the world is experiencing a very frightening time, due to this dreadful virus that is circulating everywhere.  Until a good vaccine has been developed, we are going to have to live with it and I understand that there are a number of people who are very fearful and not leaving their homes to go anywhere.  To do this for such a long time could create problems with their health.  All I can advise is doing what many other people are, going out locally and being extremely careful where they go and carrying out all the rules that the government is asking us to do.  In the end, however, it is everybody’s responsibility to protect themselves and others.

Our Advice

Obviously there is a lot of sadness, despair, and fear surrounding this virus, but we are having to learn to live with it. The need to feel secure in your own home is vital and again I can only suggest that washing hands and using gel, is the only thing you can do to protect yourself.

Of course, as an insurance lady, I have to suggest that one way you can buy security to by having the correct insurances.  Please try not to be blackmailed by the banks, as you will discover later when trying to claim, you will have no help and your insurance cover is very limited.

Special Expat Policies

There are many Spanish companies which are excellent, but they do not offer the special Expat policies that my company does.  If you go to see or telephone one of my staff, everything will be explained to you in detail, with all your questions answered and it will not be a case of  when asking what is covered, it is answered with one word – “everything”.  This is impossible and what does it mean?  The verbal word means nothing.  Then of course, if your policy is written in Spanish and you do not understand it, then how do you know what is covered?  Can you afford to take this risk?

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