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Jennifer had been running her small business from home and when deciding she needed bigger premises, moved into offices initially in the Javea Arenal area, before settling permanently in Javea Port.

At the same time as her first move, Jennifer started advertising in the Round Town News and she was approached by the owner to write an article, once a month for the paper on medical insurance information.  She was working closely with an English health insurance company at this time and many people found her articles both interesting and useful. Due to the success of these articles, it was the beginning of Jennifer’s Sound Advice philosophy.

A few years passed when Bay Radio, with whom she was advertising, suggested that the same format would work extremely well on the radio.  By this time, Jennifer’s company had expanded to include far more insurance products, particularly general insurance with Liberty Seguros and ASSSA health insurance, two companies that she rates extremely highly.

What had been available in the insurance market when Jennifer started, has continued to improve at a fast pace over the last few years, to the benefit of everyone, especially the Expats, who have special conditions, policies and prices, with yearly increases kept to a very bare minimum whenever possible, with the companies that she represents.

Some of my articles and interviews have been made available on Sound advice on this website.

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