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Who is Jennifer Cunningham?

Initially specialising in Health Insurance before expanding into all general insurance products (mainly prompted by repeated requests from her clients), Jennifer has been living and working in Spain since the early 1990’s.

All products offered by Jennifer and her team have been individually selected to meet the stringent requirements demanded of quality, service, and support. Jennifer’s philosophy is that of straightforward and honest advice, which is instilled in all her staff members up and down the coast. Both Jennifer and her team are passionate about providing a professional service to all clients. Jennifer is an S. L. company (which is equivalent to a UK LTD company) registered and regulated in Spain.

It is vitally important not to confuse ‘competitive price’ with ‘cheap price’: an almost universal truth is that a cheap price means a product with more limited features.

Jennifer is still a hands-on Managing Director and she keeps herself and her staff up-to-date on the market place, and is always aware of changes to Spanish insurance regulations and laws.

She is extremely proud of her multilingual staff who enable the company to assist expats of many nationalities, and, in compliance with the “Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones” (DGS), Jennifer is adament that all staff be properly trained for their particular job and specialty.

As Jennifer often mentions on the radio and in her articles, Spain is sometimes difficult to live and work in, as of course, it is a vastly different culture, to what we have experienced before. Why not benefit from her vast experience of living and working in Spain for many years.