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Sound Advice – Fairytales


Politically Correct Fairy Stories.

With Brexit in chaos, and nobody agreeing on anything, Russia becoming very scary and President Trumps visit to the UK looming, you would think the British had more to worry about than politically correct fairy stories.

Cinderella was a poor, over worked woman and therefore not to be celebrated in any way, even though the ball and the wonderful carriage kept me and others enthralled as children, for a long time and still does.  Do you realise that Sleeping Beauty was not asked permission for the Prince to kiss her!  How could this happen, because he kissed her back to life, much to the joy of the seven dwarfs and countless children.  And how about this one, all new mothers should ask permission to change their baby’s nappy. How is this possible? Get a life and smile.

Is Cheaper Better?

Returning to saner subjects, I get so fed up when my sales consultants continually informing  me that they lose quite a bit of business to cheaper prices.  But when they are informed, the client believes that it is for exactly the same cover, we know it is not.  It is only when a claim is made, that the truth comes out.  For example, earth tremors are only covered by Accidental Damage on the buildings and as far as I am aware very few house policies on the market in Spain, offer Accidental Damage, so you will not be covered for what you think you are.

Also, with car insurance, I have a ruling that all five seats are to be automatically insured as part of the policy.  If these seats are not covered, as the driver and/or owner, you could become liable for compensation claims for injuries and death, that can and do happen in a traffic accident.  I wonder how many of you know if your five seats are insured as a separate clause in your policy, because I know most knock this out to keep the price down, which in my opinion is irresponsible and should be offered as standard.  Take care, it may be your children or grandchildren that are not covered.

Good News For Drivers Between 40 and 50 Years of Age.

I have some very good news for drivers between 40 and 50 years of age.  Up until just recently, Liberty Seguros were known to be expensive for this age group.  I never understood why the statistics showed that these clients were a higher risk.  I have worked tirelessly on trying to prove that this was nonsense, because these are the very clients that I need and want.  As far as I am concerned, they are very responsible, taking their children to school, for example and they do tend to drive magnificent cars, which I am confident that once they come to us, they will be very happy with the service that we can now offer.  I look forward to hearing from my consultants that their interest would extend to our unique house insurance and as many of them will still be earning, critical illness cover, liability, commercial and bespoke life insurance, of course not forgetting private health insurance.

Do you have Good Travel Insurance?

At long last the weather has improved and even though we live in a beautiful country with the sun and the sea, it is nice to get away, particularly in August.  We have a very comprehensive travel insurance, which has special cover for cruises, skiing and back packing, along of course, with the normal requirements of flying to the UK and other destinations worldwide, to include America and the Bahamas.  As the travel insurance company is English, you pay in Sterling and all documentation is in your own language, making it far easier for you.  If you are concerned about pre-existing conditions, there are a number which are included, which will be explained as part of your health questionnaire.  Request a quotation from one of my consultants to ensure your travel is as protected as possible.

You need to take out this insurance the same day as you book a ticket, just in case circumstances occur and you cannot travel.  Do not be tempted to go without it. You never know what is round the corner and accidents do happen, even illness can occur.  Of course, if you are sensible you will have the EHIC card with you for Europe, remembering this is only for emergency treatment and for those travelling from the UK, I think this card will disappear with Brexit.

For a quotation or if you have any questions, please contact one of my offices, visit my website or email

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