Sound Advice - fairytales

Sound Advice – Fairytales


Politically Correct Fairy Stories.

With Brexit in chaos, and nobody agreeing on anything, Russia becoming very scary and President Trumps visit to the UK looming, you would think the British had more to worry about than politically correct fairy stories.

Cinderella was a poor, over worked woman and therefore not to be celebrated in any way, even though the ball and the wonderful carriage kept me and others enthralled as children, for a long time and still does.  Do you realise that Sleeping Beauty was not asked permission for the Prince to kiss her!  How could this happen, because he kissed her back to life, much to the joy of the seven dwarfs and countless children.  And how about this one, all new mothers should ask permission to change their baby’s nappy. How is this possible? Get a life and smile.

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Whiplash Insurance Claims

Please do not Compare Insurance with the UK

Recently I listened to a programme on the compensation culture in the UK.  Once again, I am appalled by what is happening and I understand the Spanish, especially in areas like Benidorm, are becoming increasingly angry and hostile regarding claims being made by British tourists on their return home claiming they have suffered badly from food poisoning.  Last year the EU brought in a ruling that insurance premiums would need to be increased to be able to compensate for the vast increase in claims, particularly for whip lash.  In the UK 11% was added, whilst Spain increased the premiums by 8.9%.  Read more

Bespoke Life Insurance

Bespoke Life Insurance

I, like many living in Spain, are looking forward to the Ex Pat situation being settled in both countries and when hopefully we will be able to sigh with relief and get on with our lives.  Many of us think there is a great possibility that a greater proportion of people will want to leave the UK and come and live in Spain.  To avoid the consequences of Brexit, the increasing terrorist threat and to get away from the very frightening press, who seem to take no responsibility for anything that they say nowadays.  Read more

Els Poblets Office

My Els Poblets Office

I was fascinated this morning by what I saw on television.  The government are very concerned about the runaway costs regarding the National Health in the UK.  The expectations of this wonderful service are far too high for the amount of taxes that are paid by everybody.  The government are in discussion regarding the situation of the exploitation by health tourists.  Read more

Funeral Insurance

Funerals – Living in an Uncertain World

I understand in the UK that the uptake on funeral plan purchases is quite staggering.  I find this quite refreshing as it means that the British are at long last able to discuss their demise in a clear and constructive way.  One wonders if this is down to the “baby boomers” coming of age at long last.  Read more

Fire Snow Storm Insurance Claims

Fires, Storms and Snow – What Next?

Closer to home in Spain, some of the worst weather in my 20 odd years of living here is happening.  Sadly the houses are just not equipped to cope with such horrendous rain, cold and snow. In my company I personally offer a claims service for all my clients and I am confident that this is a great help to many.  I do not have to provide this extra service, however I realise how difficult claiming sometimes is, especially in Spain.  In Javea we have had a horrendous fire, then a large area of the east coast of Spain got hit by floods, then snow and now violent wind and rain.  It never seems to stop and has become very, very demanding for both my company and Liberty Seguros, because of the sheer volume of claims.  I have often spoken about the Consortium, which provides insurance for those events deemed to be catastrophic by the government and I do feel that I should reiterate the situation regarding this government department.  Read more