Fire Snow Storm Insurance Claims

Fires, Storms and Snow – What Next?

Closer to home in Spain, some of the worst weather in my 20 odd years of living here is happening.  Sadly the houses are just not equipped to cope with such horrendous rain, cold and snow. In my company I personally offer a claims service for all my clients and I am confident that this is a great help to many.  I do not have to provide this extra service, however I realise how difficult claiming sometimes is, especially in Spain.  In Javea we have had a horrendous fire, then a large area of the east coast of Spain got hit by floods, then snow and now violent wind and rain.  It never seems to stop and has become very, very demanding for both my company and Liberty Seguros, because of the sheer volume of claims.  I have often spoken about the Consortium, which provides insurance for those events deemed to be catastrophic by the government and I do feel that I should reiterate the situation regarding this government department.  Read more