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I personally am feeling very upset about Brexit as no lorries seem to be getting here and English supermarkets are getting emptier and emptier.  Let us hope that they will still be able to continue supplying us with some of our favourite foods at some stage.  Due to COVID, very little is mentioned in the press about Brexit but there must be many companies distraught about the trading conditions.

 COVID Vaccine

In Spain it is all a little confusing regarding the vaccine.  Sadly due to the EU, Europe is going to be well behind the UK with recovery because until the vaccine is distributed to the vast majority, nothing is going to happen to make it safer for us.

Health & Home Insurance

Due to Brexit regulations, health insurance has been extremely busy as this is part of the residencia application.  I understand some are refusing to insure their vehicles. Even if your car is off the road, or you are not in Spain to drive it, it still needs to be insured – this is Spanish law.  At the same time, please make sure that you have adequate house insurance cover – a cheap price will not give you what you need, especially as there are a lot of desperate people around. You need to take precautions regarding leaving anything in your car and if you are absent from your property, you do need to consider an alarm linked to the police.  It is all about protecting yourself, your family and your assets.

Funeral Plans

Can I suggest that your partner/family discuss the merits of a funeral plan.  I appreciate that it is not a nice subject but I understand that there are many people without a will or funeral plan.  This, of course, makes it very difficult for your loved ones.  Lack of a will creates an on-going situation and is difficult and costly to resolve.  Exactly the same applies when no funeral plan is in place.  It is worth it to protect your loved ones.  Handling grief is very difficult and provokes so many emotions.  Try not to make it more difficult for each other. Come and talk to us. We are there to help you make the right decisions.

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