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What interesting times we live in and I could add, quite scary times. I shudder when I think that the free world’s peace is controlled by a very volatile and frightening man. Is it acceptable to threaten another country’s leader via Twitter? What about the old fashioned way of diplomatic channels and ambassadors, in private? Still, I am an old fashioned gal who wouldn´t dream of going on Facebook to discuss my private life and to see the office of the US President using social media in this way, when there is a conflict, disagreement, or just lashing out, I find appalling.

I am now going to drop a bit of a bombshell. Do you realise that when you get your Residencia accepted by the Spanish authorities, it is a European document which states you live in Spain. However, to be a full legal resident in Spain, you must be a fiscal resident. This means you must be registered by the Spanish tax office and submit yearly tax returns in Spain. This does not mean you necessarily have to pay tax in Spain, but you must do a yearly tax return, which is a legal requirement. This costs very little and protects you from a fine. If you are autonomos or working on contract, you are a fiscal resident. I feel, with Brexit on the horizon, it would be very wise to get your paperwork in order, because obviously there are checks being carried out on behalf of the governments in both Spain and the UK already. IBI, Basura and road tax are a totally separate issue, as they are in the UK. Would you consider Council Tax, rubbish collection and car tax in Britain as your tax return? Of course not!

Staying on the subject of legality and as part of Expat Services, when talking to my chosen financial advisor, he reminded me of a very good piece of sound advice. Although the company you are dealing with may be authorised to sell financial investments, did you realise that the advisor offering advice also has to be fully registered and regulated? Unless they are, they are not allowed to work in the UK at any time or offer advice in any other country, so take care and select your advisor very carefully, because it could spell trouble with a capital T.

If you are in any doubt on either of these two issues or wish to do a tax return which is due in June, you can always organise an appointment with one of my associates (the first consultation is free), telephone 966 461 690 or visit www.expatservicesspain.net.

I am very excited about my new advertisements that are just starting to appear in the newspapers. I hope you agree with me that they are very ‘relaxing’. There are eight different advertisements informing you of the services that we offer, one of which is a unique house insurance for your largest asset.

It is a very good policy, especially designed for the Expats and as far as I am concerned, knowing my way around the market as I do, it is the best. It might however, not be the cheapest but the extent of the cover is exceptional. Liability, water loss and especially accidental damage on both the contents and the building, are unique. A big percentage of the claims that come through my office are the result of accidental damage. With regard to contents cover, my Sales Consultants will advise you to take out a realistic sum and you would be amazed when you think about how much you spend on furnishing your home, clothes, personal items and valuables. Be very careful when it comes to expensive jewellery, paintings, watches and collections. For example, it you have rings and watches, you will need a full risk policy, not just insurance cover when they are locked in a safe. Also, do not be persuaded to under insure, because when it comes to total loss, you will find yourself in trouble with the insurance company. Never forgetting out-buildings, solar panels and pools, garden furniture, the list is endless. When you take all of this into consideration, you should expect to pay a realistic premium to reflect the cover. If it seems too cheap, whilst at the same time being assured it covers everything, I suggest you look very closely before committing. Liberty Seguros has specially designed policies for second homes, and for those properties that are rented or uninhabited for a certain length of time.

When you are renting your property legally, long term, special landlord insurance is a necessity and includes cover for non payment of rent and Liberty also have policies for tenants to cover their own contents and liability. Protect yourself and your home in the best possible way.

For more information or a quotation, please contact one of my consultants or visit my website www.jennifercunningham.net.


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