Funeral Insurance- Not Easy but very necessary….

Liberty Seguros has launched a very interesting Bespoke Funeral Insurance, which I thought may be interest to my clients. Never easy to think about your funeral, but of so necessary.


Death is always a difficult subject to discuss, but when living in Spain, it becomes far more important to think about the future and how to make this stressful time easier for your loved ones. With this in mind, at Jennifer Cunningham Insurance, we are delighted to introduce a Bespoke Funeral insurance package, at an astonishing starting premium from € 70 for the whole year.

For the Spanish, funeral insurance is more or less a necessity and is taken from a very early age. Funerals are very expensive and will put an enormous amount of pressure on your loved ones. Before any arrangements can be made, it is necessary to have a NIE number, your bank accounts may be frozen and the paperwork completed, which all makes it far more difficult for your family.

Funerals plans can be made in one payment or a deposit and the remainder paid over 5 years, with interest added. This option is an excellent choice.

However, it may not be the correct time financially to commit to this option. You may have an investment coming to you in the future but what if something happens before then, or your income may not be able to stretch this far? Liberty Seguros have introduced an amazing funeral insurance, a Bespoke package that gives you the choices to tailor make the insurance to your needs and those of your family, at an affordable yearly premium. There is just no reason not to come and talk to my consultants now, for the best way for you to protect your loved ones.
If you wish to ensure that your family has more financial protection on your death, Bespoke Life Insurance is further option. This also can cover the cost of the funeral and provide the necessary funds to cover other outstanding costs.
Another excellent option from Liberty Seguros is the Accident Plan, which protects you in so many ways.

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