Sleeping Beauty!- Jennifer’s December Blog Post

I was in despair when watching Sky News with a discussion about Sleeping Beauty and the comment made was that as Sleeping Beauty had not given the Prince permission to kiss her, therefore it was not politically correct. To my dismay they felt decisions would need to be made about the future of Sleeping Beauty!!!

Further to this conversation, I understand there is a book being produced on teaching and helping males and females how to flirt safely. Flirting is one of the most natural and basics part of our lives and it can be great fun. How can you regulate flirting and consoling someone? What a place to live. Get a life!

In the meantime, as suspected, the Brexit negotiations are getting harder and harder and especially now with the discussions regarding the Irish border. I personally cannot see this being dealt with quickly or ever. What a nightmare this is all becoming and I am convinced if the British public had known the truth and how expensive and drawn out, thereby creating uncertainty, they perhaps would not have voted as they did. I, along with others are looking in on Great Britain and have many fears and concerns for their future. For many reasons, I am glad I live in Spain.

I was very shocked when hearing of the increasing amounts, which are already over £ 1 billion and growing, relating to fraudulent insurance claims, which of course, increases premiums for everyone. However, the insurance company’s investigators are becoming extremely good at unearthing a fraud claim, and when they do, the fines and possible criminal record, will hopefully deter so many people from trying it on. One of the recent scams in the UK is to stop the car suddenly and with no warning, so the car behind hits them. Then of course, they claim for not only the damage to the vehicle but injuries to themselves. This particular scam is now not so easy to get away with.

At present, Spain does not encourage the compensation culture and makes it very difficult, as of course when you have an accident, the Guardia are involved and a claim form should be completed there and then. I, for one, would be very apprehensive in making a false claim in Spain, as it would mean the Guardia would be involved and that is a very daunting situation. At the same time, genuine accidents do happen and I am pleased to inform you that my company is unique in providing a dedicated Claims Department to help guide you through the process of claiming, with the added bonus that it is a normal rate telephone line.

There is good news for static home owners. My company has recently launched a policy, new to Spain, for this type of home. All the information and the claims service is in English. The insurance comes from a very well known, respected company that has specialised with this type of policy for many years and also covers France, Portugal and the UK.

I understand that there are administrators who select the insurance policy to be used on many sites and I am confident when I say that this policy will be better than one you may have, if you even have insurance. Our cover includes your contents, new for old for homes up to an age of 20 years, it is issued whether occupied or unoccupied, there is cover for theft or attempted theft, plus cover for damage from storms, flooding and falling trees. These are just a few of the excellent options available. Call myg my company for a quotation and information on what this policy covers. It is extremely comprehensive and competitive.

I have never been one to stand still any my progress continues as I have just opened two new offices as part of the Grupo Barcelo, in Cuidad Quesada and Playa Flamenca. They are both very comfortable offices. However the Playa Flamenca office, is particularly spectacular and I am extremely proud to be part of this successful Spanish company. You will find the Playa Flamenca office near the Saturday market and just off the Sunny’s roundabout. The Quesada office is on the High Street. Please go along and discover how we can help you with many aspects of living in Spain. We have architects, surveyors, solicitors, financial advisors and currency exchange, all selected by myself for being fully regulated which means you are protected. If you need help with any one of these services, please contact one of my offices.

If you would like more information or a quotation, please contact one of my offices or here on the website.

Once again, this year my company is one of the collection points for the Bay Radio Annual Christmas Children’s Party, who are this year, as well as providing presents and support for the Preventorio in Gandia, are helping the local children of families in need, including those using the Red Cross Food Banks in Javea.

We’re looking for new toys, gift sets, treats and new items of clothing for children aged 3-14 years old. Please could you wrap the gift, note the age it’s for and whether it’s for a boy or a girl.

You can drop them in to any of my office, as well as the Bay Radio office in Jávea or the other drop off points across the region.

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