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Where to start? So much to say. Maybe just start by mentioning Brexit as it is so important to all our lives. I am so concerned that when a report is produced by professionals, pointing out the downside, it seems to carry no importance with the press and no time taken for any discussions. There are always two sides to any negotiations and I don´t feel that the UK is facing up to the reality of trying to replace a structure that has been in place for over 40 years, and pretty successfully. I understand that one of the most important issues is the customs and single market. Although this appears to be one of the UKs demands, how can this be granted, as Norway, for a start, would be very hostile, as they have to pay to be in this club and accept immigration. Then of course, there is Ireland, and indeed, Gibraltar, which has just been put on hold. We shall see, but I and many others are feeling very uncomfortable at what is happening and the time taken to not come to any conclusions. As Expats, we have no certainty of our position at the end of all this. I am very aware that a large number of Expats, myself included, would like the option of remaining European, as I feel so distant from my country now, which is very sad.

It would appear, at long last, that the housing market seems to be recovering rather well and many people are still following their dream of living in Spain. I launched Expat Services some time ago, but because of the housing market having taken a dip for quite some time, the need for the services I offer was limited. Over the Christmas and New Year period I watched quite a number of programmes where people were following their dreams of living in Spain and I became more concerned as time went on. The reality of purchasing a property in Spain is far removed from their expectations and priorities. Having bought and sold apartments just recently, the process is far from easy, very expensive and the paperwork and costs change depending on the area. How buyers manage to steer themselves through this formidable process, which I found to be daunting, I don´t know. So many obstacles can trip you up and unless you get experienced, independent and regulated help, mistakes can and do happen. In response to this situation and other services required by the Expats, including wills, taxation, finances, pensions and money exchange, etc. from the middle of February, I will be offering a very good service, Jennifer’s Sound Advice Surgeries, initially from my Javea office. Once a week, the associates that I work alongside with, will be doing a surgery where the first consultation will be free of charge. The professionals, who are all fully regulated, will be a solicitor, structural engineer and currency exchange advisor. You can either drop in and take a chance, or book an appointment by calling 96 579 5372 or email info@expatservicesspain.net.

For those planning to become Residents in Spain, if you are not entitled to the national health service, unlike the UK the government encourage and make it mandatory for you will be required to obtain private health insurance for your application. We can help you here also, as ASSSA Health Insurance supply a certificate that is accepted by the police, on full payment of the policy. It is an excellent policy with a comprehensive list of doctors, consultants and hospitals, and you have a first class back up service in English to assist you.

I understand the banks are yet again encroaching on the insurance business. This time by offering health insurance, which is completely ridiculous. Please do not be tempted to go this route as it will be a nightmare for you. The product that ASSSA offer is an expat policy, designed especially for your needs.

I mention Expat policies quite often but I am not sure if people really understand what I am talking about. An insurance company who invests in setting up a completely different department and policies for the ExPat market, meaning separating what is on offer to the Spanish market place in order to meet the requirements that the Expats expect and often at a more affordable price, due to many reasons but one of the most important is the lower level of car claims from the Expats in comparison, is to be applauded. It also has the knock on benefit of far lower increases on renewal premiums, and of course, documentation and support in English.

Do your research with regard to your own policies and if in doubt, call one of my offices, and one of my Sales Consultants will be able to help you. We sell Liberty Seguros insurance policies, dedicated to the Expats. This also applies to the ASSSA insurance health policy. Why not make it easier for yourself?
When selecting a financial company to deal with your very precious money and pensions, do your due diligence and don´t be persuaded unless you are very comfortable with the regulatory bodies. If you need any advice on this subject, call one of my offices as the two companies I have selected to work with are regulated and secure and carry indemnity insurance.

For further information, contact one of my offices, visit my website www.jennifercunningham.net or email info@jennifercunningham.net.

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