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Our fully comprehensive home insurance is the best on the market. Liberty have just added a number of exciting optional extras, which I know that you will find of great interest. Here are some of the extras that you can choose from:-

  • EXTENDED DIY – Currently you are covered for 1 call out per policy year on a standard policy, but this can be increased to 2 x 3 hour call outs per policy year. All works carried out comes with a 6 month warranty. When requesting the DIY assistance, conditions apply.
  • REPAIR OF WHITE GOODS – has a maximum limit of 300€ and a 3 hour labour time.
  • GARDEN PROTCTION – this cover has been extended and includes garden reconstruction and replanting of trees, the cover for your garden furniture can be increased to 12,000€ instead of the standard 3000€.
    There is also cover for exposed pipes without causing damage located within garages or on building façade that has suffered breakage with a limit of up to 500€ per claim per policy year.
  • HOME IMPROVED – Aesthetic restoration of building and contents can be increased to 20% maximum 12.000€ per claim per year and the contents 20% maximum 8000€.Theft of valuable objects/jewellery – jewellery over 6000€ needs to be listed on a standard policy this is 3000€, also jewellery over 10.000€ needs to be kept in a safe compared to 6000€ on a standard policy. Money and cash has cover of up to 6000€ when kept in a safe. When the money is not in a safe you have cover for up to 1500€ which on the standard policy is only 500€
  • LANDLORD PROTECTION – Acts of vandalism by the tenant you have cover for up to 3000€ per claim per year, also unpaid rent covers up to 6 months once a final judgement has been made legally.
  • LEGAL DEFENCE COMPLETE – Illegal occupation of the property covers up to the limit of 6000€ for expenses incurred.
  • PERSONAL MOBILITY VEHICLES – public liability covers for scooters, hoverboards, Segways and electric scooters conditions apply

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