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As I suspected, the demand for TIE/Residencia appointments is very quickly increasing.  It is vital that if you have not got your Residencia and you wish to stay in Spain after 31/12/20, you need to get your TIE sorted now, or as soon as possible.

Changing Laws

Unfortunately, if you do not do this, the laws will be changing and you will need a vast amount of money held in your bank account and a proven monthly figure of income.  I have heard a number of times, “I am British and therefore I am not panicking as there will be different rules in place for us after Brexit”.   What a very silly and naive idea, because being British will mean even less than it does already after 1st January  2021, especially within the EU.  We will just become normal immigrants and have the correct papers in place just to visit and live in Europe.

With all this dreadful COVID situation, Brexit is also going to take its toll, both here but especially in the UK.  I feel very fortunate to live in Spain because the news from the UK is worrying.  So I am determined to make sure that I and all my staff are in possession of all the required paperwork within the timescale allocated, so we can continue to give exactly the same, excellent service to our clients.

Health Insurance

For your TIE/Residencia application, you will require health insurance and if you are thinking to cancelling it at the end of the first year, you would be very foolish to do so, because you may find yourself with no health cover at all and paying privately is not an option as it can be very expensive.  ASSSA health insurance provides the correct certificate for your application.

I do appreciate that many are not used to having private health insurance but life changes and you will require it to continue living in Spain. You will be very surprised at the premium, as in comparison to British private health prices, it is remarkably inexpensive.

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